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An image depicting Poseidon's Helm

Poseidon's Helm - Armor  (Helmet)

submitted by vdwtanner

DND 5th Edition



The wearer is able to breath underwater due to a mgical bubble that surrounds the face and filters oxygen out of the water when submerged. The bubble cannot be “popped” unless the helmet is removed or destroyed.


This helmet is rumored to have been bestowed upon one of Poseidon’s servants when mankind was just learning how to cross the seas by boat. When the harem of the great hero Lanslet the Womanizer was taken by the villainous Kraken, Poseidon heard Lanslet’s cry and granted him this helm so that he could defeat the beast and rescue his beloved harem.

How to Use

The wearer must have worn the helm for at least a day before it will provide the bubble effect.


Creates a bubble of breathable air around the wearer’s face when submerged in water. Also provides a +1 bonus to AC.

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