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Welcome to The Game Master's Inspiration!

GMinspiration.com is an online repository for homebrew or custom content for all your favorite table top roleplaying games. Need an terrifying new monster to bring your players to tears? Perhaps you need a small artifact of the god of light to give them the slightest chance of surviving your plans? Search through our online database of user-submitted contributions for something that matches your maniacal tastes.

When you feel it's time to give back to the community, or just want to yell at some guy who thought you can use a d20 as a damage die, sign up for an account with us. You'll be able to contribute homebrew items, spells, monsters, and other content and get feedback on your work, as well as give feedback to those other plebians whose content offended your fragile nerd heart.

So. This gauntlet... so many kinds of awesome! 10/10 would punch a dragon to steal its soul again.
-One of our amazing users.

Enjoy our site! It is still fairly new, so make sure to contact us if you find any issues.

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A site dedicated to the spreading the joys of tabletop RPGs by allowing fans to share their homebrew creations with others.